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Company was founded in 1984 in Le Locle by two talented Watchmakers  Emile Descombes and Georges Perret. They called it Universal and it became a significant market player on the watch arena in the end of  ХIX – beginning  ХХ  century. There was nothing surprising when company manufactured a wrist chronograph with coaxial button integrated in winding crown of a watch in 1917. In 20s of last century a new model Cabriolet arrived , it was a watch with original turning mechanism, allowing its owner to turn case of the watch caseback up. It was Universal Geneve who offered a new chronograph concept with two buttons – a construction that is traditional for a modern chronographs. The system was Uni-Compax.

In the beginning of 40s the company moved to Geneva and settled in the very centre of the city at Rue de Rhone, adding to its name word “Geneve”. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary in 1944 Universal Geneve built a unique watch – Tri-Compax – chronograph with full calendar and moon phase indicator. It was a not an outstanding event from the other sight many companies had been doing the same for centuries. But this particular model of Universal Geneve became a bestseller for the nearest  twenty years at all the continents, it even had its own name – Glorious. This watch was on wrist of American president Harry Truman during Potsdam Conference.

Brand Universal Geneve was popular not only among politicians, but also among bohemia, artists, painters and novelists in Europe. A famous French painter, writer and director Jeaen Cocteau in 1947 was involved in advertising of a Geneva brand.

In 1955 Universal Geneve patented its new invention – micro rotor. Absolutely original for its time system: avtomatic movement with central second hand and decentralized small size rotor. Small size of the rotor opened a new field of creating slim watches for watchmakers of Universal Geneva. This challenge remained among the competition for all the watchmaking companies at these days. Ten years later Universal Geneve presented Microtor calibre 66 – the slimmest automatic movement in the world with height of a just 2,5 mm.

All the records and achievements of the company could not help it to survive the quartz crisis in 70s without losses.  As many others Swiss watch brands in fell awaiting for better times. But even in this mode it was continuing to surprise the world by its fantastic masterpieces. In  1994 as a tribute to its 100 years anniversary brand presented a new limited edition Cabriolet Golden Janus – golden mechanical watch with two dials and famous rotating mechanism.

New times and trends of popularity of mechanical watches brought a relaunch of Universal Geneve . Today company is being managed by young highly professional and dedicated team with head office in Geneva. And modern collections of Universal Geneve are perfect confirmation of their faith in the brand.



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Univesal Geneve

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