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Refined design and attention to details

Company Rapport & Co was founded in 1898 by Maurice Rapport. It has won a high reputation thanks to qualitative wrist and interior watches. It was quite natural to the brand to involve all skills of watch manufacture and apply them to the creation of winding automatic watch mechanisms.
One hundred years after the company was engaged in high watch art, the brand Rapport has presented to connoisseurs of high mechanics its well-known Perpetua Range – the line of boxes for automatic watch winding, and also special boxes for watch collectors. Soon these accessories became simply necessary for automatic watch owners. As a rule they appreciate the refined things and aspire to surround themselves with them. There ware them who have estimated quality and a practicality of Rapport boxes.
Perpetua Range satisfies any, even the most exacting taste. Here is luxury of the polished wood, and decoration in modernist style from matte aluminum, and prestigious copper, and transparent glass. And all it is multiplied by refined design and the greatest attention to details. Each box of the collection is made and finished manually with the most skilled masters of the Rapport company who use the best of possible materials. As a result we have the watch accessories answering the highest standards of traditional English quality which thanks for their thin rotary movements keep automatic watches in a fine condition.
The Rapport brand doesn’t limited its winding watch boxes manufacture only with Perpetua Range. There are such new lines as ultramodern F1 Range and classical Captain Range in the variety of its production. Developing a new design and using modern unique technologies, the brand continues to please the watch admirers and collectors with exclusively interesting works.



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Refined design and attention to details Company Rapport & Co was founded in 1898 by […]